The 33rd Annual European Meeting of The Toxicology Forum

October 23-25, 2012 · Le Meridien , Brussels, Belgium
Keynote Lecture
Title Speaker
Keynote Lecture Bernardo Delogu, DG SANCO
Opening Remarks
Title Speaker
Opening Remarks Dr. David Longfellow, President
Opening Remarks Professor Corrado Galli, Professor
Session I
Title Speaker
Validated Alternative Methods in Animal Testing David Basketter, DABMEB Consultancy, Ltd
Application of TTC Across Various Fields Jim Bridges, University of Surrey
European Industry Vision of the Regulatory Framework Florian Schellauf, Cosmetics Europe
Inhalation Toxicity Phil Carthew, Unilever
Allergy/Dermal Sensitization Bob Safford, Consultant
Panel Discussion
Session II
Title Speaker
Selecting Doses for Toxicology Studies to Improve Evaluation of Human Health Risk Doug Wolf, EPA
Use of Toxicokinetics to Inform High Dose-Setting and Study Interpretation in Rodent Toxicology Studies Richard Billington, Dow AgroSciences
The Value of Findings from High Dose Toxicology Studies in the Downstream Risk Assessment and Management of Chemicals Jim Bridges, University of Surrey
ECETOC Task Force on the Use of STOT Criteria in Classification Deci-sions on Carcinogenicity, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity John Doe, Parker Doe Partnership
How Does the ECHA Risk Assessment Committee Make Its Classification Decisions? Helmut Greim, Technical University of Munich
Session III
Title Speaker
EFSA Guidance on Safety Evaluation Professor Corrado Galli, Professor
U.S. Guidance and ILSI RF Research Rick Canady, ILSI, US Rick Canady, ILSI
EU Research Program Ken Dawson, University College
European Approach to Nanomaterials in Food David Carlander, Nanotechnologies Industry Association
Panel Discussion
Session IV
Title Speaker
Low Doses and Dose Response (Monotone Response) Emanuela Testai, Instituto Superiore di Sanita
EPE and European Policy on Hormonally Active Substances Wolfgang Dekant, University of Wurzburg
Toxicogenomic Approaches in Developmental Toxicology Aldert Piersma, RIVM
Panel Discussion
Session V
Title Speaker
Current Issues in Assessing the Risk from Combined Exposure to Chemicals Alan Boobis, Imperial College London
Using the Maximum Cumulative Ratio to Predict Risks Posed by Mixtures Paul Price, Dow Chemical,
The European Commission's Communication on Combination Effects Bjorn Hansen, DG Environment, BE
Panel Discussion
Session VI
Title Speaker
The EFSA List and How it was Derived Vittorio Silano, The University of Rome Tor Vergata
ILSI Europe Decision Tree for Safety Evaluation of Botanicals Anne Constable, Nestle
Safety Evaluation of Herbal Medicines Olavi Pelkonen, University of Oulu
Panel Discussion
Session VII
Title Speaker
European Virtual Liver Programme Jan Hengstler, IfADo
Virtual Embryo: Focus on Early Life- Stage Susceptibility Thomas Knudsen, National Center for Computational Toxicology, EPA
Title Speaker
4-Methylimidazole (4-MEI): Evaluating the Evidence of Carcinogenicity F.Jay Murray, Murray and Associates, CA
Impact of the HESI Risk 21 Project and the IPCS Update on the MOA Human Relevance Framework Alan Boobis, Imperial College London
DG SANCO Risk Assessment Support Update Takis Daskaleros, DG SANCO